This cable drone can stay in the air for more than half a month. No breaks. No coffee.

A tethered drone is a drone on a cable. This cable provides a continuous supply of power. As a result, a tethered drone can stay in the air for up to 400 hours. That offers great new opportunities! But using new technology is never easy. We understand that. And we are on a mission to make using a drone as easy as using a vacuum cleaner. That’s why we have made every effort to understand the needs of businesses. And we have developed a cable drone to meet these exact needs. So, is your business ready for the future?


Flying a tethered drone is super easy. Anyone can learn how to do it in a matter of hours.


Direct and realtime insight in the video’s or images. From anywhere around the globe.

With or without cable

The tethered drone is easy to set up within minutes and can be used both with and without a cable.


A cable drone is designed to withstand dust, wind and rain. And it’s very strong.

What a tethered drone can deliver to your business.

our cable drones.

Here they are. Three different cable drones. Each with their own respective level of accuracy and corresponding price points.


Drone 1

DJI Inspire 2

Our typical cable drone for first time users. The ideal cable drone to get acquainted with the drone business experience. The downside of this drone is its vulnerability. Plus the fact that it cannot be upgrades with newer of better camera’s: this will require the purchase of an entirely new drone.

Solid x4 modulaire 3d scan drone

Drone 2

Solid X4

Our most frequently sold tethered drone. Developed inhouse specifically for industrial and professional use. It is easy to use and fly and works with almost all sensors and cameras. Upgrading is very easy thanks to its modular design.

DJI m600 3D scan drone boven 4 kilo

Drone 3

DJI M600

The Rolls Royce amongst our cable drones. Being over 4 kilograms does mean that the legislation for using this drone is a lot stricter. In return, you get a drone that offers the widest range op options for upgrading.

Our cases.

The cases

We offer two different types of cases each with their own characteristics.


Case 1

The simplest case that can be used for smaller drones. It sends live data through an app, for example about energy usage. This case is manually operated, which means the cable has to be rolled in and out manually. The cable length is 50 meters.


Case 2

This case has the same characteristics as case 1 but is more user friendly and offers a longer cable. The cable in case 2 is 100 meters long and winds and unwinds automatically.

Easy Fly

Operating and flying a tethered drone is very simple: the drone can fly autonomously. It stays at the right altitude completely autonomously. And lands after it is given this task. Dutch laws require you to always have the drone in sight and that you are standby to intervene when necessary. In a simple course of just a few hours we’ll teach you how to do so.

Easy Result

The data generated by the cable drone can be viewed live on various screens. It is also possible to stream via 4G giving instant insight from anywhere around the globe.

Also, you can see the current state of the drone and number of hours of uptime to bring the drone down in time for maintenance.

Our software

We use a variety of software. All very simple to use and user friendly – but varying in the level of freedom to change settings. The choice is completely depending on your preferences.

Full service

A drone is an important piece of machinery for your company. That’s why we believe it should always work. Should a malfunction arise or your drone is damaged in some way, we make sure you have a working drone at your disposal within 24 hours. This could be your repaired drone, or a spare. That’s why we value our 24/7 service.

Dutch legislation

Legislation for drones in the Netherlands is pretty straightforward. You will read all about it if you follow this link.

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